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Teddy Bear Puppies for Sale at Puppy Plus

Teddy Bear dogs are not purebreds, but rather, a hybrid dog selectively bred to resemble a child’s stuffed teddy bear. Normally a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Toy Poodle (a Shih Poo), a Bichon Frise and a Toy Poodle (a Poochon), a Bichon Frise and a Shih Tzu (a Zuchon), or a mix of all three, Teddy Bear Dogs are normally small and fluffy with brown or black coats. Teddy Bear dogs are considered “designer” crosses and are bred solely for appearance, rather than temperament, health or functionality. This type of dog is perfect for apartment life, but does require daily exercise in the form of a walk or a romp in the park. As adults, Teddy Bears tend to have large bursts of energy for short amounts of time, so do not over exercise. Fortunately, they are usually small enough to carry if they become tired during a walk.

The practice of breeding a Teddy Bear or a designer dog is a controversial topic for some animal rights groups. With a recent surge in popularity in hybrid dogs (especially among Hollywood celebrities), there have been charges that some breeders are reproducing irresponsibly by disregarding overpopulation and the health of the puppies or parents. Others have questioned the often excessive price breeders charge for Teddy Bears (normally $950-$1750 for a “professionally bred” Teddy Bear) because they are, according to many dog enthusiasts, simply “mutts”.

Teddy Bear Dogs

Teddy Bear Dogs vary in size but are normally quite small, weighing no more than 7-9 pounds. Because they are hybrids, it is difficult to determine what health/temperament issues may arise. If the dog comes from purebred parents, they will be susceptible to health problems from both breeds. If the dog is more than a mix of two purebreds, it becomes more difficult to pinpoint potential health issues. There are, however, ailments that are common to smaller dogs, for example eye and ear problems, sensitivity to the cold, and bloat if overfed. Teddy Bear dogs tend to be quite yappy and difficult to housetrain, but this can be alleviated through proper training. Beware when you buy the Teddy Bear for sale or Teddy Bear puppies for sale as they can become startled easily and may nip children, so they should be monitored when in the presence of others.

Because these dogs are often purchased for appearance sake, they tend to be spoiled, which can lead to overfeeding and a lack of discipline. The former can pose a serious health risk to the dog – weight gain can result in a shortened lifespan.

Teddy Bear Dog Puppies

Teddy Bear dogs are normally bred from purebreds with hyperactive tendencies, so puppies tend to have abundant energy levels. Some owners of Teddy Bear puppies say their dogs are resistant to crate training, and do not like to be left alone. Puppies need a lot of love and attention and require a lot of discipline. Some Teddy Bear dogs will howl when left alone. This will pass overtime, providing the owner does not give in to the puppy. If the owner retrieves the puppy when she cries, it will believe that howling is permitted in the home. It may be difficult to resist that adorable little face but be strong. Your puppy will thank you in the end!